Cam Newton is without a doubt a BEAST on the football field. His team, the Carolina Panthers are undefeated right now, mostly due to the quarterback's play and ability to punish potential tacklers with bruising runs. Cam is also one of the most FUN cats on the field to watch, he's always smiling and dancing and seemingly enjoying himself everytime he plays, and unfortunately, some folks don't like that. These people definitely deserve "Hell 2 Da Naw Naws" for weeks....
After Cam and the Panthers won this past weekend against the Tennessee Titans, a sore loser Titans fan, sent a letter to The Charlotte Observer newspaper complaining that her 9-year old daughter who she brought for her first NFL game, found Cam's dancing "not family friendly" and called out the superstar for "not being a role model". I have 2 words for this lady: "Girl bye!"

Courtesy of YouTube User: James Dator

If I may, I will now share MY THOUGHTS on this: Ma'am, you brought your kid to a Titans game which is punishment in itself. Your team stinks and its clear YOU should be offended by YOUR TEAM for YOURSELF for paying MONEY to see Cam Newton "dab on yall" all day long. Second, I'm sure your kid sees 1000 more offensive things daily in media and elsewhere that you could write a BOOK on that are offensive. And, finally, where is your "outrage" when dozens of other players celebrate against your HORRIBLE team? Stop it!

For not understanding how sports work (if you win CELEBRATE, if you lose BE QUIET), and for subjecting your 9 year old to a horrible experience (because your TEAM IS HORRIBLE and you should BLAME THEM not Cam Newton), Your sensitive behind gets the Bishop!