Ladies and gentlemen, Today we induct Dr. Ben Carson into the "Hell 2 Da Naw Naw" Hall of Fame!

After what started out as a promising campaign for Carson, he FINALLY ended his presidential run last week but the kicker is that he has announced that he's endorsing Donald Drumpf. This once again, shows you how clueless this man really is. For weeks, he's been the butt of jokes due to his somewhat sleepy and clueless demeanor in debates and speeches and his proportion for not being able to fully explain himself. Want an idea on how clueless he is?

Videos have surfaced on social media and the news of African Americans being assaulted, or being asked to LEAVE Drumpf rallies regardless of their support or not because the Drumpf campaign believes that they will "disrupt" the rallies and that in turn has created "safe zones" for racists to express their hatred for those that are different than them. Let's not forget that Drumpf called Carson supporter "stupid" for voting for him in Iowa and compared him to a "child molester". And yet, this man endorses him (probably because he was promised a VP slot as to appeal to black voters). They say "politics make for strange bedfellows" and with Carson getting "in bed" with Drumpf shows you that this man has ZERO awareness about himself. So sad to see one of my real heroes go down this path. I have read several of his books and thought he was smart enough to convey those ideas that he now contradicts but clearly this man is so unattached to what's happening in the real world that I hope he retreats back into obscurity and remains a "black history factoid".

Welcome to The Hell 2 Da Naw Naw Hall of Fame Dr. Carson, You definitely earned it!

Now for this week's award: This week's award goes to the side chick that decided to crash her Boyfriend #2's wedding day. The date and time of this video posted by Baller Alert is unknown but its clear that she "objects" to the nuptials because the groom just got out of her bed THAT MORNING. She causes a scene leaving the wedding party in a total state of shock and the groom does his best to pretend she isn't there, but DAMN homey, hate to see how that honeymoon night kicks off...

When your side chick comes to your wedding…