I know you're over this, BUT, it bears pointing out that all this Beyonce backlash over her Super Bowl halftime performance originates from one person who managed to blaze up a firestorm of controversy for apparent media attention and to a certain extent succeeded...if you want to call success making yourself look like a jackass.

Ladies and gentlemen, I present to you Patrick D. Hampton.

Now nevermind the fact that this guy is black. The fact that he was able to muster up 19,000 "likes" for this where he allowed racists to express their ignorance and intolerance unchecked shows you the hypocrisy of those who don't understand the fight for equality. Let's also point out that when it came to his "NFL Headquarters" protest...

Courtesy of Facebook

(That's Mela Machinko by the way, she's awesome and a GREAT singer!) NOBODY showed up, except a few "counter-protesters". And his reasoning for a low turnout? According to a comment on his Facebook page, it was all a "hoax" and we got "punked". I like Shani's idea, make him pay back the cost to The City of New York for making the police protect empty barricades due to his "prank". Like I said... Jackass. Hit him Bishop!