The year of the angry old man continues to produce some quality "Hell 2 Da Naw Naw" material. In a week that showed us several presidential candidates showcase their "leadership skills" by calling each other names and making genital jokes, along comes "Iron" Mike Ditka questioning someone's "leadership skills".

In a radio interview, Ditka said “Obama is the worst president we’ve ever had,” adding "You know it’s not always going to be a perfect situation, but to do what he does, there’s no leadership there. I think that becomes very disgusting to me.”

Okay, no matter your opinion of the President, you are entitled to it, do that. But be prepared for MY opinion on YOUR career as a "leader". Sure, Ditka won a Super Bowl with one of the greatest teams ever assembled, but let the documentary "The 85 Bears" tell it, Ditka was hated by a majority of his team and was loyal to Defensive Coordinator Buddy Ryan and to help Walter Payton, one of the game's greatest players, win a ring (in one of the more disgusting moves of his coaching career, he never let the Hall of Famer score a touchdown in their Super Bowl win which angered many on the team further). Notice Ditka NEVER won anything after that year and thanks to "marketing" became lauded as a "great coach"....but his stint in New Orleans would prove what most already knew, Ditka was HORRIBLE. I present Exhibit A:

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Trading 8 players for ONE player and setting a team back almost a decade...yeah, WORST TRADE EVER....3 wins and 13 losses later, he's back to doing what he does best, yelling at young people to get off your lawn while smoking a stank cigar while waving your Super Bowl ring around. Before you go calling folks "the worst" at something make sure you aren't the "worst" at your own chosen profession.

Go Bishop!