This week's award goes to Shad "Lil Bow Wow" Moss who claims in a series of social media posts that due to his "mixed heritage" that he doesn't know or understand civil rights struggles.

Its clear when you grow up as a sheltered celebrity that you have a tendency to not understand history or how the "real" world works because all you know is fame and are disconnected from the rest of us. According to NBC News, the whole thing started after "Bow Wow" stated that he "doesn't do politics". He could have stopped there and things would have been fine but when pressed, "Bow Wow" pointed to his "mixed heritage" as a reason to not care.

Look, I'm not going to criticize him for not taking a stance, that I get, but to use your "mixed heritage" as a reason for not caring is lazy and shows ignorance. But buddy has enough to deal with as it is, like trying to shake the "bow wow" thing, but saying things like that doesn't help. Get him Bishop!