Leroy Black passed away last week at the age of 55. Mr. Black wasn't a famous man, but he was well loved by so many that their love has made Mr. Black famous posthumously. According to The Philly Voice, Mr. Black's "loving wife" and "longtime girlfriend" both placed obituaries remembering him in the town's newspaper which has raised eyebrows all across the country.

The obituaries are pretty much similar until you get to the part about on the top "he is survived by his loving wife" and in the second "his longtime girlfriend". NBC News reports that the funeral home where Mr. Black is being kept has already received phone calls "asking if there's going to be a problem between the wife and the girlfriend" at the funeral.

While the family has not commented on this, its interesting to know how Mr. Black's relationship was with both parties. Maybe, he and his wife separated a long time ago and the "girlfriend" and wife know each other. Maybe not. Either way, Mr. Black has a lot of love and may he rest in peace as we send our condolences to his family.

But this story is still crazy enough to bring "The Bishop".