Social media is a place where we can let friends, family and even complete strangers get an inside look at our lives. Its also a place where we can find out some REALLY disgusting things that you or your friends maybe thinking and it could cost you way more than a few "likes", it could cost you your livelihood. In some cases its unfair and unwarranted but Gerod Roth of Georgia got what he deserved.

According to The Grio, Roth was fired from his job after posting a picture of himself and his co-workers 3-year old son after friends of Roth and himself made racist comments under the photo in reference to slavery. Comments like "Pls tell me his name is Toby" and "kunta kinte" were made by people Roth called "his friends". Now, this guy claims he's a "victim" too. He's right about one thing, he's a victim, of "unemployment".

Photo courtesy of The Grio

Let's begin with who gave you the right to photograph some one else's child? Secondly, there's a button on Facebook that allows you to not only "delete" comments, but to also "BLOCK" your so-called "friends". If Mr. Roth felt like the comments were truly out of hand, Mr. Roth would and should have taken the steps to stop his "friends" but chose not to do so, even going as far as throwing in his own "comments" calling the child "feral". For being an idiot and for trying to claim himself as a "victim" Gerod Roth gets this week's "Hell 2 Da Naw Naw" award... HIT IT BISHOP!