We all know that Fox News sole purpose is to hate on everything The Obamas do as a "counter-view point" to the "liberal" media. I get that, but how can you hate on The First Lady encouraging kids to "go to college"? Well, sticking to their mission, Fox News found a few "pundits" to do just that, and you can tell by their "stammering" that even they know what they are saying is nonsense.

So telling kids to reach for higher goals like college is "disturbing"? Seriously? If you didn't see The First Lady's video, check it out here. As for these morons, we do know that not everyone is "college material", but to criticize The First Lady for merely ENCOURAGING kids to consider college reeks of pure stupidity, elitism and most importantly DANGEROUS. For basically sounding like a bunch of "haters", Fox News pundits, I would  like to introduce you to "The Bishop"!