I was debating last week after Stacey Dash's comments on Fox News about "Black History Month" and after Sarah Palin's INSANE WWE-like endorsement of Donald Trump on who to give this week's honors to but its clear that there's a far bigger issue that deserves more of our nation's attention: The Water Crisis in Flint, Michigan.

After a YEAR of being told that their water was safe to drink, the residents of Flint Michigan are now in the middle of a crisis as independent officials have declared the water of the city unfit and unsafe for use, while The Governor of Michigan and its officials continue to contend that the water is safe and have even gone as far as BILLING the residents for it.

This isn't supposed to happen in America but it has, and once again in a poor community that we largely ignore. Notice, I did not interject race into this at all, this is a travesty and failure by politicians and in my opinion downright CRIMINAL. If this would have been done by an "enemy of the state" we would exhaust endless resources to fix it, but because it was done in the name of "politics" its "business as usual"

If you would like to help, The American Red Cross, The Flint Water Response Team, and countless other charities are on scene to help and you can donate to help our fellow Americans.

And for LYING, and downright CRIMINAL BEHAVIOR in the POISONING of its citizens, Governor Rick Snyder of Michigan and any and all officials responsible, should resign and be prosecuted but until then: