This week's award goes out to the sudden "creepy clown idiocy epidemic" which has now descended upon Central Texas according to KWTX. Where do I even begin with this?

Okay, so you wanna walk around like a clown and stand around neighborhoods not doing anything other than scare people? Its your right, go ahead. Can I strongly recommend a word of caution if you plan on doing this? As a matter of fact, here's 3 words and a few numbers: Texas Penal Code §9.32. Also known as "The Castle Doctrine", I'll leave that there for you to read.

I'm not going to attempt to pretend to understand why anyone would want to do this outside of some sort of "entertainment" in their own minds but you would hope they would have the good sense to remember what state they are in before proceeding with these antics.

The world we live in now is already in a heightened state of panic over much more sinister things going on but what we don't need is silly individuals adding on to people's fears. Besides, think of your own life and well-being, while I would never advocate violence, and I certainly am not a lawyer capable of dispensing legal advice, Texas Penal Code §9.32 should be reason enough to not want to proceed with this type of behavior.