Let me start this writing with something personal. A few weeks ago, my wife was upset about something I didn't do. When she confronted me with this information, it was all true, but I found myself getting upset and emotional about it and became defensive, trying to explain the reason why the things she asked me to do didn't get done. It quickly escalated into an argument because I refused to acknowledge the truth about what I did wrong and tried to defend my point of view without logically listening to the REAL criticism about myself. When the dust settled and I had time to reflect on how things went sideways so quickly, I realized that I was wrong for not acknowledging the TRUTH and I promptly apologized for my actions.

Now take that same scenario and apply it to America's reaction to Colin Kaepernick and his refusal to stand during the national anthem. Almost instantly, Americans jumped up to exclaim that he was "Un-American" for not doing what many believe is disrespectful to "men and women in uniform that gives him his rights" while not acknowledging the truth and reasons WHY he did this. As a U.S. Army veteran who served in the Iraq War, I see no problem with Mr. Kaepernick exercising his FIRST AMENDMENT right to protest. It was peaceful and SUCCESSFUL in this regard: The issues he brought up has started a national dialogue.

In the "emotional" hot takes everyone on social media and in the media reacted to this protest, the message Kaepernick was speaking of (racial equality, police brutality) were quickly overlooked as many chose to not even take a LOOK at the reason and rather complained about the METHOD. Muhammad Ali, Jim Brown, Kareem Abdul-Jabbar and many other athletes who many consider "Heroes" all took these same stances back in the height of their popularity and history has shown us that these men are admired and considered heroes now for doing the same thing Kaepernick is doing today. Yes, things have improved but the promise of America is still yet to be realized as recent emotional (not logical) reactions have proven. And as for those who continue to invoke the names of the men and women in uniform who "fight for your rights" answer this for me: If you care about the men and women in uniform so much, where was your "outrage" when this happened in 2014: 

The biggest spending bill for veterans in decades goes down to defeat in a divided Senate.

Ask yourself this honest question: Why does this man's exercise of his first amendment rights upset you so much when you know that what he speaks is the truth? And make sure you answer that question honestly and with logic, now with how you feel...