This week's award goes to those folks who despite repeated warnings for MONTHS that something BIG is coming but choose to wait until the LAST SECOND to scramble: Procrastinators.

As I started my week, I already knew it was going to happen because it happens EVERY time there's a huge show that comes to Central Texas, the begging for tickets. Now I don't have a problem with anyone asking if we have tickets to give away, that's not a problem, sometimes I'll give away tickets at random if you're nice. But there are those of you who don't speak, don't call, don't even say "HI" to me but Friday morning before a show, you're skydiving into my inbox or calling me asking begging for tickets. We've only been telling you about this show for MONTHS so why did you place all your eggs in the "Melz Hope Basket"?

We encourage everyone, to SUPPORT the shows that come to Central Texas, not expect the hook-up every time. Its only fair to the good people who put their time, resources and energy into bringing you entertainment. One of the main complaints I hear about our area is that "there's nothing to do" but when something awesome comes along, those same folks will be first in line to NOT support an event.

If you don't win one of our giveaways, don't let that stop you from going to the show, purchase tickets and have a great time. I don't mean any disrespect, its merely a suggestion...