This week's award goes to Cam Newton. Here's why, Cam Newton during last year's run up to the Super Bowl was the focus of a lot of racist taunts and social media slander for his celebrations and even he himself admitted that most of that was due to the fact that he was "a black quarterback and there was nothing to compare him to". A lot of folks jumped up to defend him, including myself, but he left people like me scratching our heads after Colin Kaepernick's protest of the national anthem which opened up an ongoing dialogue and debate about race relations in America.

When asked about his thoughts on Colin Kaepernick, here's what Cam had to say:


Now Cam is very much entitled to his opinion, but what was the cause of this sudden change in his thoughts? The answer is quite simple: A public relations firm got him to do so.

According to USA TODAY, The Panthers hired a PR firm ran by a former GOP pollster named Frank Luntz who basically instructed and coached Newton to say things like "we're beyond racism" when the climate of America has shown itself to not be. Its clear that Cam doesn't want to speak how he really feels and you can see it in his eyes when he's asked about these issues. You can also hear it in his speeches in his press conferences that this is a man who is clearly more worried about his paycheck and endorsements.

Video Courtesy of WBTV

Look, I totally understand worrying about watching what you say to protect your family's income, its something we in public positions have to deal with daily. But its sad and disappointing that so many that defended you from people who didn't understand you and your truth, suddenly switch sides just so THEY can feel comfortable and you don't have the guts to admit that "I was told to say these things". A simple "No Comment" would have sufficed.