The big game is over and everyone is settling down from a much-hyped but underwhelming game but the hot takes on social media were fast and furious. One "hot take" from former NFL player Bill Romanowski gets this week's award and it hard to tell why.

If you aren't familiar with Bill Romanowski, he was well known around the NFL as one of its dirtiest players. "Romo" as he's known, throughout his career racked up incredible fines for dirty play including ripping another players helmet off in a game, spitting in a players face on national television and he was even called out as a racist by a former teammate during his playing days. Now we all know where Romanowski was going with "boy" and of course the subsequent apologies, pleas and eventual tweet deletion fell on deaf ears as social media roasted Romo for his tweet and its "coded" language.

Sounds like "Romo" still has some growing up to do himself. HIT IT BISHOP!