Affirmative Action has been a hot button issue since its inception and a recent Supreme Court decision, which could have been avoided ENTIRELY, showcases that this program is still very much needed.

Abigail Fisher was rejected by the admissions department of UT-Austin and decided to sue the school because according to her lawyers, UT-Austin allowed black students with lower test scores and grades and cited Affirmative Action and her being white as the reason for her denial according to Time.

Couple problems with Abigail's case:

1. While her grades weren't "bad" (According to "The Chronicle Of Higher Education" she scored an 1180 on the SAT and had a 3.58 GPA) she didn't graduate in the top 10% of her class, which would have denied her admission.

2. 47 students were actually admitted into UT-Austin that same year with lower grades and scores than Fisher, 42 of them were white.

3. 168 Black and Latino students that applied at the same time as her with BETTER grades and scores than Fisher were DENIED as well.

When social media got wind of these facts, they renamed Fisher "Becky With The Bad Grades". So basically, this is the story of someone trying to use privilege and entitlement to argue that they have been wronged when it comes down to this fact: "You just weren't good enough. Period." In my personal opinion, this was the work of "special interest" groups who want to see Affirmative Action come to an end, despite its importance to helping uplift millions of minorities and give them a fighting chance to be great. Its still more important than ever that this law remains.

Also, here's a fun fact: Contrary to what you heard, white women like Abigail Fisher have benefited THE MOST from Affirmative Action laws, not African Americans or Latinos. So ask yourself why would you want to eliminate something YOU benefit the most from? I'll leave the answer to you... meanwhile, SING IT BISHOP!