The greatest of all time passed away over the weekend as you well know. As we remember him for not only his dominance in the ring, but his humanitarian efforts as well, there was an overwhelming sense of loss by the community worldwide. But of course there are a few dummies who showcased their stupidity and disrespected a global icon. Let’s us not forget that not only was Ali the world’s most famous athlete he was also the world’s most famous MUSLIM, and the irony of those who support islamophobia in America through politics having the nerve to "tribute" and post quotes and photos of Ali and call him an “inspiration” is hypocrisy if there ever was a definition.

There’s a segment of Americans that still hold Ali in disregard over his refusal to serve in the Vietnam War like Tennessee Assemblyman Martin Daniel (who never served himself mind you). In a serious of tweets (which he's since deleted) he called it a “dark cloud on his character”, a dark cloud for standing up for your beliefs?

The champ was no “draft dodger”, he stood up before the government and told them to THEIR FACE, “I AIN’T GOING AND DO TO ME WHAT YOU WILL” And they attempted to DESTROY him, and that’s why he’s a HERO because he came back bigger and better than ever and NEVER CHANGED his tone or stance. THAT is one of the reasons he's a hero and inspiration to MILLIONS! Using his voice to speak against what he felt wasn't right! So you can miss us with your fake tributes especially if you’re for “tracking of muslims” or “BANNING” THEM.  

Because as we’ve seen with just some of the recent reactions from modern athletes and entertainers, if you speak out, talk trash, BACK IT UP, be pro-black, anti-war and ESPECIALLY MUSLIM, like Ali was in the 60’s YOU WOULD HATE MUHAMMAD ALI IF HE WAS IN HIS PRIME TODAY.  Be honest with yourself….