It is supposed to be a religious celebration, so why do people get drunk and wear green?

I think it's because that's what we always do.  So who is St. Patrick and what did he do?

Well for starters he wasn't Irish and he did not drive the snakes from Ireland.





So Now You Know,  No wait that's NBC. Sorry NBC, forget I said that. (It's probably copyrighted!)

So now you can take that knowledge to Jeopardy.  I bet they have a St. Paddy's Day category today.   Or take it to Trivia night at the Pub.  You know the bar owners are hoping you come in and celebrate even if you are not Irish.  Too bad you have to go to work tomorrow.  Maybe they should make March 18 a paid day off. Come to think of it, today isn't even an official holiday.


Like I said we will find any excuse to party won't we?