It's Earth Day people, most of us need to celebrate by NOT doing what we usually do, waste resources.

I can do my using real dishes instead of paper plates.  In fact I really need to make that a habit.


Use these Julia!


Photo by Julia Conner


Not these!


Photo by Julia Conner


Everybody should Recycle.  I admire cities who have those big recycling bins.   Look what we get in Killeen! I pay an extra $2.60 for this thing.


Photo by Julia Conner


That thing is only 22 inches wide and 16 inches tall. How much recycling can I do with that Killeen? To be fair they are working on a better solution and it's probably going to cost everybody more.


GOOGLE is celebrating Earth Day with the Google Doodle.


Click on it to see what kind of animal you are. HUH?




You can also take the challenge to see just how you, personally are destroying the planet.  Check your Footprint.




It was way too complicated and time consuming for me, maybe you have time. Bottom line do your part to GO Green!


This is a great website listing 50 ways to save our planet.


Do as many as you can and perhaps we will still have grass and water and clean air 100 years from now.