Toni Braxton recently announced that Lifetime will be doing a "biopic" of her life and while a lot of us believe its really too soon, she's already had a drama filled career that rivals any script Hollywood could write. From being discovered while pumping gas to topping the charts with record breaking hits then losing it all and fighting to get her just due, Toni's career has been a very remarkable one. Today, (October 7) Toni celebrates her 48th birthday and we look back at her amazing career with 5 songs that are essential to your music catalog.

  • 1

    "Another Sad Love Song"

    Our introduction to Toni Braxton was this classic jam about being tired of the sad love songs on the radio and was an instant smash. "Another Sad Love Song" was the perfect song for Braxton and remains the perfect song for the forever lonely types.

  • 2

    "Breathe Again"

    Another classic from her debut album, "Breathe Again" helped propel her album to sales of over 10 million copies worldwide and earned her 3 Grammys including back to back Grammys for "Best Female R&B Vocal Performance" FROM THE SAME ALBUM.

  • 3

    "You're Making Me High"

    After establishing herself as one of R&B's premier "sad song" singers, Toni returned with an upbeat jam this time about how "good" love can be (and how good "cat suits" can look) with "You're Making Me High".

  • 4

    "He Wasn't Man Enough"

    After her much publicized fallout with her label, LaFace Records, Braxton sat on the sidelines for 3 years and returned with a song many considered a diss to an ex-boyfriend of hers called "Wasn't Man Enough".

  • 5

    "Un-Break My Heart"

    Many consider "Un-Break" Toni's signature song and indeed is Braxton's biggest hit of her career. With over 130 million YouTube views to this day, its clear that if you don't have this song in your collection, you're messing up!


    "I Love Me Some Him"

    From her second and most successful album "Secrets", "I Love Me Some Him" is a great slow jam dedicated to the man of her dreams. Great song!