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Today, (Feb. 1) would have been Rick James' 68th birthday. Long before he was remembered in those infamous "Chappelle Show" skits and his insane life story of sex, drugs and funk, James was one of music's most prolific hit makers in the late 70's and early 80's with his music often reflecting his flamboyant lifestyle. Selling over 8 Million albums, James is still remembered as one of the supreme masters of funk and a legend. Here's 5 of my favorite jams!

  • 1

    "Give It To Me Baby"

    Its 2016 and I can promise you, this classic from 1981 will still get the party started! Gotta love this video too!

  • 2

    "Standing On The Top" - The Temptations

    The following year, in 1982, James was charged with helping a reunited Temptations with an updated sound and he delivered an incredibly jamming Top 10 smash with "Standing On The Top".

  • 3

    "Ebony Eyes" feat. Smokey Robinson

    Rick showcased his softer side with this amazing masterpiece with the legendary Smokey Robinson. One of the great "slow jams" of all time in my humble opinion.

  • 4

    "Mary Jane"

    Doesn't matter if your pro-legalization or anti-legalization, the fact that this ode Rick's favorite "plant" is still the jam is all that really matters.

  • 5

    "Super Freak"

    Of course, what Rick James list would be truly accurate if his biggest and most memorable hit isn't on it? Believe it or not, after successfully suing MC Hammer for his usage of this song on "U Can't Touch This", Rick won his ONLY Grammy for "Super Freak", only due to its usage on Hammer's song.


    "Party All The Time" - Eddie Murphy

    A lot of the FB fam was hitting me with some deeper cuts but you know how we do on #TheTakeover, tomfoolery reigns supreme! I'm just wondering what's the "True Hollywood Story" behind this song! Rest In Peace Rick James.