He's quite possibly one of the greatest balladeers of all time. His reign over R&B music spans nearly 30 years from the 70's until his untimely passing in 2005 compiling over 25 million records sold, 8 Grammy Awards and countless sold out performances as well as influencing today's music and artists. Today we pay homage to "The Velvet Voice" Luther Vandross on his birthday today.

I was basically raised on Luther's music. My earliest recollection of first hearing his music was "Never Too Much" in 1981. At that time Luther was an accomplished background vocalist and commercial jingle writer trying to breakthrough as a solo artist and he certainly "broke through" with this jam that he wrote which quickly rose to the top of the R&B charts and launched his stellar solo career into superstardom.

Vandross went on to DOMINATE most of the 80's R&B scene from then on receiving Grammy nominations in 1983, '86, '87 and '89 before finally winning again in 1991 for "Here & Now" quite possibly one of the greatest love songs ever recorded. But in all honesty this is my personal favorite:

I could quite possibly go on and on all day long about this man's legacy but we're doing it all day today on-air! Listen live as we play "Double Shots" of Luther all day long and tell us your favorite Luther songs!