Did you know that Dr. Martin Luther King junior was born Michael King? Here's the story,his father(also named Michael at the time) decided the name change for himself to honor the great Protestant reformer and German monk Martin Luther when he pursued theology as his life long ministry calling and changed his middle son's  name since he was a junior. Dr King  Senior would later say that the name for his son was always supposed to be "Martin" but was recorded incorrectly at the hospital. One other note you may not be aware of, it was President Ronald Reagan on November 2,1983 who signed the bill creating Dr Martin Luther King Jr Day as a federal holiday,then President George H.W. Bush 1992 proclamation made the observance of MLK day every third Monday in January. Finally on January 17 2000 under President George W. Bush for the first time MLK Jr. Day was officially observed in all fifty states.