We can thank Canada for a lot of things! Hockey....maple leaves...maple syrup....The Beiber....okay, I don't know much about Canada but we can definitely thank them for Deborah Cox! She celebrates her 40th birthday today (July 13th) and we're taking a look back at some of her biggest hits!

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    After spending time backing up Celine Dion and being rejected by Canadian record labels, Deborah packed up and moved to L.A. and a year later released her self-titled debut album and "Sentimental" was the lead single. Peep Omar Epps making a walk-through.

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    "Who Do U Love"

    Deborah would score another hit and another 90's actor scored a cameo (Flex Mitchell) in "Who Do U Love".

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    "We Can't Be Friends" with R.L.

    For the sake of keeping you here longer, we're going to skip to this forgotten breakup duet with R.L. of Next. Okay, maybe its forgotten for a reason, let's go to the next song before we all get into our feelings.

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    "Same Script, Different Cast" with Whitney Houston

    Cox was tapped to cover Whitney Houston's songs for Angela Bassett's made for TV biopic about the late icon, but Cox once recorded this duet with Houston for Whitney's "Greatest HIts" album in 2000.

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    "Nobody's Supposed To Be Here"

    Had to make you wait of her biggest hit and her signature song! Co-Written by Montell Jordan, this song would spend a record breaking 14 weeks at number one, a record that would stand for years!


    "More Than I Knew"

    As she turns 40, there's no slowing down Deborah Cox. You can check out her latest single "More Than I Knew" spinning now on Kiss-FM!