Single moms reading this will understand how actress Halle  Berry feels,after a judge denied  Ms Berry's request to move to  France with her 4-year old daughter Nahla,Halle is said to be upset with the decision. It seems Berry told the judge that she was concerned for her personal safety and her child's since the two men who had stalked her were no longer locked up.One of the men Richard Franco,was convicted of stalking Berry but was released earlier this year.The other man,Richard Hoskins who allegedly threatened to slit her throat,escaped from a psychiatric hospital in February. Hoskins has history of this,for allegedly threatening to slit the throat of pop singer Madonna also. The 46-year-old Berry recently went through a bitter custody battle with her ex-boyfriend Gabriel Aubry the father of Nahla ,he argued the move to France would have been punitive and was designed to stop him from having contact with his daughter.Berry is now engaged to French actor Oliver Martinez.