I  was on post yesterday taking part in the annual  Hood  Howdy at Club Hood and while driving around looking for a parking space ,I found myself near the Lawrence H. Williams Judicial Center and i couldn't help but the notice the 20 or more TV trucks parked outside .I know it is often said  we have the best legal system in the world,but it just got me thinking how often and how much money and time we waste to put someone on trial.There is no mystery to this case Major Hasan has admitted he was the shooter, he was caught, shot and wounded at the scene  and there are many, many witnesses. In anyone's legal system this is  a slam dunk, so why  has it taken nearly four years to begin a trial in which everyone knows Major Hasan is the person  who shot and killed 13 persons it just doesn't make sense. Ignore the fact the Major has  and is still being paid  thousand of dollars as the trial continues. I don't have all the answers on how to improve the flaws in our legal system,but common sense thinking would be a good first step don't you agree?