I realize i'm a little different then most or am I, as a kid i never   was into cartoons, toy guns and fireworks. As i have gotten older over the years my dislike for fireworks hasn't changed,I just don't get why people spend there hard earned money to buy fireworks shoot them into the air and in a matter of seconds you have nothing to show for the money you spent on them and I won't even get into how many people are injured mishandling fireworks every year.Just last night more than a dozen people were injured when a wooden platform holding live fireworks tipped over sending pyrotechnics into a crowd at a fourth of July show northwest of Los Angeles injuring 28.Another reason i can't stand fireworks  is the crowds, you have to in most cases wait hours to get out of the traffic as everyone seems to leave at the same time as soon as the fireworks show is over.Now you may be thinking  old JJ is just a kill joy and you might be right, but i'm not telling you not to buy fireworks or attend fireworks show i'm just saying they are not my thing and never have been and that's what makes us all different.