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For the past couple of weeks the world has been zeroed in on one thing and one thing only: Fútbol ! The FIFA World Cup fever has caught on and it is spreading quickly, if you did not like soccer before, I warn you it is contagious. Just one glance at the screen and you're hooked. What causes this fixation? Well for one thing you have a free pass to scream "GOAAAALLLL!!!" wherever you are when your team scores; it's an unwritten rule. And for another, something about entire countries coming from around the globe to play ONE sport in the same city makes you feel prideful for your country. The last time I rooted so hard for the USA was when Michael Phelps was in a relay race in the summer Olympics. Another huge draw in for the fútbol crowd is the fact that the World Cup only comes around every four years, the anticipation becomes intense and when it finally gets here we do not know what to do... So we spray beer everywhere in excitement and no one complains. Do not be scared if you find yourself watching a match, the World Cup Fever is only here for a little while, take it in while you can. All I can say is, when the ball finds the back of the net, my feet will not be on the ground and my Red, White & Blue face paint will probably be smudged. Am I ashamed? Not one bit.