When Alex Permann hit a half court shot during a contest at the Missouri Valley title game Sunday afternoon, he just knew his life had changed after thinking he had won the $50,000 cash prize.Not so fast, there was one problem,Permann hadn't  properly followed directions.Like most halftime shooting contests,participants had to make a layup,a free throw,a 3-pointer and a half court shot in less than 24 seconds to win. Permann hit the layup, and the free throw and then headed straight to mid court even though both the PA announcer and fans in the crowd were shouting  at him not to forget the 3 pointer. Reached after the game ,Permann said he was trying to focus on the shots and not the order of the shots them self,He thought he had won the $50.000 when his half court shot went in,but he realized his mistake when he saw people on the court pointing at the 3 point line.Permann won't get the $50.000 because he didn't hit all four shots,but he gets tickets for life to the Missouri Valley tournament and four VIP passes and a three day hotel stay for next year's event. Permann says he's disappointed,but he's satisfied with the compromise.Check out his shots in the video.