Since the Super Bowl is around the corner, figured I'll kick off my new segment "Facebook Fallacies: Wrong Information You're Sharing On Facebook" with this one I've seen quite often circulating on the book.

Cam Newton of The Carolina Panthers has been known for his flamboyant celebrations and giving Touchdown game balls to kids in the stands at games. This meme circulating around social media suggests that the "No Fun League" is "fining" Newton for every football he gives to a kid in the stands.

According to The Charlotte Observer, this is NOT TRUE. The NFL has not been fining Newton for what he calls his "Sunday Giveaways" and has no plans to do so. The NFL will fine a player for THROWING a football into the stands to prevent fans from fighting over a football thus causing a safety issue, but the league has no issue with Newton "handing" a football to a fan. Cam Newton has enough haters to deal with, don't bring him more.