Monday April 15th is of course the day  you have to  have your taxes filed,but do you know what Sunday April 14th is? it's ex spouse day I kid you not. Ex Spouse Day  (ESD)  is not a day set aside to  encourage post-divorce vandalism or prank phone calls. Instead it's  a day dedicated to helping those with irreconcilable differences forgive ,forget and move on. Now (ESD) could be celebrated by just about everyone, after all who doesn't have at least one ex you might want to forget about, i know i do, but what's the best way to celebrate this day ?. Do you go out and get drunk ? , do u throw a party? , do you and some friends get together and talk bad about your ex's? well that's up to you.But keep this in mind the trauma of a broken relationship is often a controlling force of interfering with the ability for him or her  to form another  intimate relationship. So in another words it's ok to forget about the ex and look for another new and exciting relationship on this day. I wonder if she's thinking about me today?, after all i was a good ex.