Since last week's episode of 'Empire' ended with side pieces and bubble baths, Lee Daniels and his partner in pen, Danny Strong, figured the best way to kick off the fifth episode would be by giving Tianna a side piece of her own.

However, the script was switched and Empire's hottest female artist wasn't given the usual suspect one might think considering her man is Hakeem. T's side piece comes in the form of a blonde, blue-eyed beauty that probably wears the same size heels as herself. But of course, this relationship is her little secret. So, in the true spirit of the Lyon family mantra -- money, power and greed -- Andre stumbles across the fiery female duo during a photo shoot lead by his wife. The twisted, manipulative power couple on the rise decide to snap a candid video perfect for Perez Hilton.

Instead of hitting the streets screaming, "My girl's got a girlfriend," when word hits the 'net regarding Takeem's third party, the rapper opts to dead his million-dollar video shoot because he can't be around "that girl no more." But just because Lucious' prized possession is busy crying his eyes out over a "thot" doesn't mean the show wn't go on.

This week, surprise guests include Anthony Hamilton, who popped up when Lucious called in a favor for a private in-home performance while he pops the question to Anika. She scores a too-many-carats-to-count diamond ring. Of course, Boo Boo Kitty says, "Yes!"

If you pay close attention, you realize this engagement ring Anika has looks pretty similar to the one Cookie rocks during the flashbacks she has while giving her testimony to the grand jury. And no, that wasn't a typo. Cookie was in court singing like a bird under extreme duress. But her testimony  -- enticed by the federal agents shown throughout the show -- finally answers the million dollar question: who is Frank?

Frank Gathers is a drug lord Cookie knows from back in the day. He's also the man responsible for gunning down an undercover federal agent who was making a drug purchase from Cookie during a sting. That little federal agent fact isn't something Cookie knew before she became New York's No. 1 snitch -- or as she likes to call it, dead bitch walking.

With so much family drama going on, viewers can't help but notice Jamal's nowhere to be found. He's separated himself from the family and proud of it. While Hakeem is looking for a way to reignite his motivation to continue his million-dollar video shoot, Jamal proves he's the real family musician by organizing a studio session. Beat production takes center stage with newbie producers and aspiring musicians at Ghetto Ass Studio in the Bronx.

As the family mantra lives in full swing throughout this episode, Andre turns on not one but two brothers in the same day. After exposing Hakeem's closet to the world, the mathematical son calculates the perfect hit on Jamal. He cons Hakeem's gang of "freeloaders" to hold up Jamal's recording session to cause a little harmless mayhem. "No guns will get pulled. I know these cats," he tells his wife.

Unfortunately, guns are pulled and the engineer is shot. Now Jamal thinks Hakeem put his friends up to this disaster. Predictions say Andre will certainly let him take the fall.

Family, can't live with them and sure can't trust 'em.