If you are like me, regardless of whether you go to a nice restaurant to sit down and enjoy a good meal or whether it's too your favorite fast food place, do you tend to order the same thing over and over?.


I generally go with different food items if the restaurant  is close to my home, but if it is a place that I only visit every now and then and they have something I really like on the menu I'm getting that every single time. Why? Because I like it.

I do the same thing most times at a sit-down eatery as well. I don't want to give you the impression I'm boring with my food choices; that's not the case. I have tried some pretty exotic foods in my travels over the years -- everything from akai and salt fish in Jamaica to  wildebeest in  Africa( it tastes just like steak).  And you thought i was gonna say chicken right?.

Of course many times I will also take suggestions from a dinner companion if they have been to the  restaurant before and lastly many times it just depends what I have a taste for that evening, seafood,beef, pork, or maybe chicken.One of my favorite spots is a  Brazilian restaurant in Austin that serves all the  above food items at one sitting for one price.

Regardless of how good the food may be,the service is equally as important to a fine dining experience and now you can let us know your favorite wait staff in Central Texas is!

So what do you think? Do you stick to your favorite meals each time you visit a restaurant favorite? Or do you experiment with new meals? Take our poll and tell us.