Have you ever been driving on the interstate and someone gets on in front of you and not pick up speed to keep up with traffic? How about the "fast lane" hoggers that do less than the posted speed limit and then they just refuse to move to the other lane.  Oh, and this one really takes me out...THE 4-WAY STOP!!!  Geesch!  Isn't the rules of the right on the driver's test?  I feel such a sense of ROAD RAGE when people don't follow the rules of the right and they are dead wrong.  And even worse, they look at you like you're stupid when they mess up!!!  I may not make a lot of friends when I say I think the driver's test should have to be taken every 5 years for everybody , but it may reduce some of the accidents due  to people not knowing the rules. And it will also help if the PoPo enforced them as well.  IJS