The friendship between Chris Brown and Drake looks like it's continuing to flourish as the two have been spotted together rehearsing for a skit to be featured at tonight's ESPY Awards.

A photo of the two working with Clippers power forward Blake Griffith emerged on TMZ earlier today (July 16). The three rare pictured ehearsing for something that'll go down at the sports award show tonight on ESPN.

The idea is centered on a visit to the dentist's office, which TMZ details below:

"Here’s what we know from the rehearsals … the skit begins in a law office, then a locker room and finally in a dentist’s office with Clippers star Blake Griffin standing over Drake like Steve Martin in “Little Shop of Horrors.”

We’re told … Blake looks like he’s about to go in deep, when a frightened Drake blurts out, “Are you really going to do this?” Then — suddenly — Chris walks in and answers, “No, I am!”

No other details have emerged about this collaboration, but it'll be interesting to see what unfolds at the ESPYs tonight, where Drake is slated to host. First it's the studio collab and now this. If all goes well during the skit, perhaps we'll really be seeing more from the foes-turned-friends in the near future.