I like watching the Celebrity Apprentice,the NBC reality show that has celebrities competeing for their favorite charities,you know the show where Donald Trump says "You're Fired', well  i'm done with the show after Donald Trump took to Twitter last night to complain about the election process and  President Barak Obama. Trump's rant started out on  the assumption the President would lose the popular vote but win the electoral vote, that didn't happen anyway , it's no secret the Donald doesn't like the President but he really crossed the line with some of his Tweets last night, here is just a sample of a few of them. "More votes equals a loss......revolution" "We can't let this happen. We should march on  Washington and stop this travesty" I understand why Mr Trump has a problem with the current system in place to elect our President, it never made much sense to me to have a popular and electoral vote , but that's the law    so get over it Trump. If your guy Mitt Romney had benefited  from the system you wouldn't have any problem with it. So in conclusion it's four more years for President Obama and  oh yeah  Donald " You're Fired"