Down in Cuernavaca, Mexico Margarita Suarez was a well known friend to animals. The humans knew it and the animals did too. Every day, she would feed 20 or so cats and dogs around her hometown, the animals would get food before Margarita did.   Well last month Magarita passed away, and the animals came to pay their respects.


As her coffin was being carried into the funeral home where mourners were assembled for her wake,  "out of nowhere came a pack of dogs" trailing behind.

Magarita’s daughter Patricia Urrutia described it all on her Facebook page and posted pictures too.

Patricia Urrutia Facebook

The dogs came in, interacted with the people who were there and then the daughter writes, seemed to "stand guard" throughout the wake.  In the morning they were gone.


Patricia Urrutia Facebook

"They are angels," Suarez's daughter, Patricia wrote, "It's a wonderful thing that my mother has caused."