I remember in high school i was asked to join my debate team, but at the time i was  more into sports and didn't have the time, so after watching two Presidential debates i had to ask myself this question, does being good at debates make you better qualified to be President? Just because you can come across as very smart and smooth on camera or in front of  a live town hall meeting, what does it really mean? It's like the smooth talking guy who can sweep the woman off her feet with great lines, but in the end does she really wind up with the right guy?Just because a candidate is great at public speaking  does he really have what it takes to  sit in the oval office? After all millions of dollars are spent on commercials by  both parties and special interest groups  laying out what the candidates stand for and believe in, shoudn't that count for something.So in the end will a debate performance be the difference  in who wins the election?  I sure hope not.