The Powerball jackpot for Saturday's drawing will be at least $ 550 million,the third largest lottery jackpot in U.S.  history. Saturday's jackpot will also be the second largest in the history of the Powerball game,behind  a $ 587.6 million jackpot that was split by winners in Arizona and Missouri in November. Most people dream of being the single winner and having financial security for the rest of their lives, however the reality is  you have a better chance at being elected President of the United States then winning the Powerball Lottery, so why do people play? It's simple for a $2 or $3 dollar play  you have a chance to become a muti-million dollar winner regardless of how slim the odds may be. All you need are the right six numbers to come up and the fact is some people do indeed win  lotteries all the time, so you tell yourself why not me  right? People in offices pool their money together and go in as groups and buy hundrerds of tickets at a time, others go solo playing a series of numbers that may include birthdays and other numbers that are special to them and others choose to let a computer pick their numbers as a quick pick. I'm not sure which way is best as all have proven to be somewhat sucessful over the years. I myself I use a combination of picking my own numbers and  letting the computer give me a couple of quick picks, what i don't do is blow all my money on a dream. What i mean by that is, i realize my chances of winning are slim to none, i know that going in, so I generally don't play more then  $5  regardless how much the jackpot is , my logic is I'll    probably blow  $5  buying something at the dollar store each and every day anyway and I also figure if it's meant to be one ticket can be   the winner as opposed to buying two or three hundred dollars of tickets(how many times have you stood in line and the person in front of you was buying 300 tickets) oh that makes me mad. So as you head to the place where you'll buy your tickets for Saturday's drawing keep this in mind,the Powerball game is played in 43 states,the District of Columbia and the U.S.  Virgin Islands ands remember your odds of winning the jackpot are  1 in 175 million. OH  and if you don't hear me on the air Monday and you hear the winner is from Texas, well i'm just saying LOL. Good luck everyone.