We give a lot of free tickets away to a lot of great concerts and shows every day on KISS FM.  We even give away a movie passes, sporting events and even lunches and dinners.  But there is one thing that we give away that is a complete mystery to me.  Male Stripper Shows!  There is a big Male Dancer Show at Wallstreet tonight and it is the biggest mystery going right now.  As soon as I announce a contest on the air for nearly any show the phone lines just light up.  People call like crazy for a chance to win, and this happens all the time.  But Male Dancer Show's are a complete mystery, because when I announce that I am giving away tickets to the All Male Review........crickets.  That's right, crickets. Not a single person calls. and I mean for nearly 30 minutes.  I even tried to give them away on our facebook page for anyone who wanted them.......crickets.  But here's the weird thing, the shows always and continue to tour.  So are women to embarrassed to claim tickets or are Male Dancer shows dead?