DMX the Rough Ryder doesn't like amusement park rides too much. The rapper was caught on camera screaming for his life while being thrown up into the air on the Slingshot.

TMZ released footage of X on the ride in Orlando, Fla. If you haven't been on the Slingshot before, it shoots up 230 feet in the air at a whopping 100 miles hour. Before the MC enjoyed his frightening ride in the sky, he admitted to his friend seated beside him that he was a bit nervous. "I ain't gonna front, it's some scary s---," he says.

Once the ride begins, DMX can't stop yelling. He belts out multiple screams and curse words, all while holding on to his chain. And once the ride leveled off, X chooses to play the tough guy.

"We did that. We did that s---," he barks. "Gs up. Gs up. Now we got to have a stone cold ice face, ice grill, like we wasn't scared. All this screaming, all the yelling, we did it for the camera, yo... We wasn't really scared."

Could've fooled us.