Robert Griffin III  tweeted "See you guys next season"  following the news he will undergo surgery to repair a torn LCL,but the question remains should RG3 have been playing in Sunday's playoff game against Seattle in the first place? The first year Washington Redskins signal caller entered the game with a bad knee to begin with and then appeared to injury himself earlier in the contest, however his  head coach Mike  Shanahan decided to leave him in the game despite the fact  RG3 was just a shell of his normal self before he was forced to leave the field late in the game.If it turns out this injury is career threatening then one would have to second guess the decision to have RG3 in the game in the first place and if that's the case who is to blame? Shanahan, the Redskins team doctors, Robert himself or noted orthopedic surgeon Dr. James Andrews who has treated Griffin in the past. RG3 is  unique talent who uses his legs  as well as his arm to be effective at Quarterback and if because of this injury he loses any of the world class speed that made him such a danger on the field it would just be a terrible thing to such  a bright future, let's keep RG3 in our prayers and hope  he  returns next fall with a clean bill of health and a sound right knee.