McDonald's Corp says it most certainly did not!  After all Minions do not even speak English!

People far and wide are claiming the Caveman in the Happy Meal has a dirty mouth. I figured it was just people mishearing the little bugger. I decided to see for myself. No I did not go spend my hard earned money on a Happy Meal. I went to the internet and checked out various videos. The Minion in this video supposedly says two naughty phrases. "Well I'll be *Damned", and 'WTF'.



Well it sure sounds like it cussed.  But experts tell us, if your ears are tuned to hear the cuss words, that is what you hear, otherwise it's Minion gibberish.  You need to listen like the nice lady in this video, she doesn't seem to hear anything bad.



When you listen to them with innocence and childlike wonder like she does, the Minion is just speaking jibber jabber, nothing bad there. Except  HER CONDESCENDING VOICE...IT'S KILLING ME


While some parents complain, McDonald's is denying that the Minions are cussing. McDonald's said the Minion Caveman toy emits three sounds - "para la bukay," "hahaha" and "eh eh." I did not even hear those sounds, did you?

The company has no plans to banish the Caveman. Who can blame them? The Minions movie made over $115 million at the box office, its debut weekend.  I bet all this publicity is selling more Minion Happy Meals than ever.