Detroit's 'Walking Man' has a new car now.  Soon he will get the $350 thousand raised with that Go Fund Me account.  With all this publicity about his good fortune, James Robertson also had to find a new place to live.


We have been talking about 56 year old James Robertson for about two weeks now, ever since we found out about his 21 mile trek back and forth to work five days a week.  The buses don't go all the way to his house so James has to take two buses then walk to get to his $10.55 an hour factory job.  He was walking through all kinds of weather. He is never late and he never misses a day. He has been doing this for the past ten years since his car broke down.


A banker gave James a ride one day, heard his story and told the Detroit Free Press about him.  A college student read the story and started a Go Fund Me account for James which raised over $350 thousand.  A Ford dealer gave him a new car, and James was ABC's Person of the Week.



All this good fortune has made James nervous, especially after he heard about a Detroit man who was killed after he won some lottery money.

The Detroit Free Press reports that some people in the boarding house where James lives began threatening him and asking him for money. Plus he has a brand new red car to protect.

James' new friends found a temporary place for him to live. Police went and got his belongings and helped him move. James told the paper he is relieved to be out of the rooming house where he'd lived for more than 15 years, paying $220 a week.

He is also glad to get away from his landlady, AKA his girl friend, because "the issue was, she liked to control everyone and everything."

Also living in the house, the woman's ex husband, her 34 year old son and another man.   Wow what a tangled web.


James hasn't gotten any of the $350 thousand Go Fund Me money yet.  When he does get it, he will have financial advisors to help him take care of it all.


Via Detroit Free Press