Dennis Rodman says President Barack Obama has failed in his foreign policy toward North Korea and it's leader Kim Jong-Un. " We got a black president who can't even go talk to him,How about that one". Rodman has announced his plans to visit North Korea on Aug 1 to secure the release  of 44 year old Korean-American Kenneth Bae  who was recently sentenced to 15 years hard labor,the former NBA player said he's going because he feels the White House has failed with its North Korean policy. Earlier this year ,Rodman visited North Korea  and spent time with the North Korean leader. The two bonded over their love of basketball. Last week ,Rodman sent a tweet to Kim Jong-Un ..."do me a solid and cut Ken Bae loose". No word from the White House or State Department officials if they plan to grant Rodman permission to take the trip, the U.S. government is calling on North Korea to grant Ken Bae amnesty.