Everyone has heard the phrase,"Deja Vu," and everyone knows it means a real familiarity with an event or life experience.  If you have lived long enough you will experience this phenomena more than once, and you will find that it is inexplicable. The overwhelming feeling and sensation of being some where or meeting some one for the first time, and realizing that you have been there before or have met that person before in another life. It is a first time experience, and even if it isn't true to your memory, your body and mind are telling you that you have indeed met this person before and yes, you have been to this destination of which you never have.

The experience of Deja Vu and any film that characterizes it,  is essentially a film that writes itself.  It is a story that is so other worldly and yet a living part of each and every one of us, that it draws us in and won't let us go.  The Tom Cruise Mega Film, "Edge of Tomorrow," opens this week and if deja vu is real then you will leave this film feeling like, "I have seen this before."  Good luck, and tweet about it in the next life.