It's time for the first of three debates between  President Barrack Obama and the guy who wants his job Mitt Romney.Supporters on both sides say their guy is the better debater and only time will tell,To be honest i think the pressure tonight is on Mitt Romney, he is the one down in election polls and he needs to make a  some type of move to get his campaign back on track.Even voters think he is the underdog heading into tonight's debate.A poll taken among registered voters seems to suggest that President Obama will win this debate by a two to one margin, but in the end does  it really matter as most voters have already made up their mind which person they plan to vote for.So what will happen will the Republican hopeful come out swinging and trying to tie the economy to Mr Obama and how should the President handle the attacks that are sure to come without coming off as smug and a little too cool. Whatever happens it should be a fun two hours of television.