Almost a  week after he lost his presidential bid to President Barak Obama, Mitt Romney gotta be feeling down in the dumps, but at least he didn't lose the election to a dead man.If  there's any doubt how strong the GOP's hold on Alabama is, consider this-------a Republican nominee  defeated the Democratic incumbent for a seat on the Bibb County Commission last week despite the fact that he died a month earlier. 77 year old Charles Beasley defeated  the Democrat  Walt Sansing winning 52% of the overall vote, how  did this happen? Apparently the ballots had been printed before Beasley's death and couldn't be reprinted before the election.Even Beasley's wife Sarah was shocked at the results saying "Maybe it was a respect thing" or maybe some of the voters were unsatisfied with his opponent. Governor Robert Bentley will appoint a new person to the post ending one of the more strange elections ever.