De La Soul's new cut 'The People,' featuring Chuck D, is all about folks from all walks of life and their daily struggles they endure.

On the song, both Posdnuos and Dave (formerly known as Trugoy) rap about people being a varied bunch, a definite microcosm of a larger society, who all have ambitions, disappointments, personal gains and losses.

"The ones in the classroom where the books are outdated and the teacher no longer out spoken / The ones left to congregate where the pusher gives a fix to those who have their dreams broken," spits Posdnuos over a subtle beat produced by Oh No.

Chuck D comes in the middle of the song, and adds his own usual brand of fiery lyrics, really sticking to the song's concept and bringing the loud, booming voice that made Public Enemy such a household name.

Dave also documents the tough times people have to endure, which he talked about during an interview with Rolling Stone. He also stated the release of the song took on an even bigger meaning once a grand jury in Ferguson, Mo., decided not to indict officer Darren Wilson.

"The lyrics are commentaries of our struggles and successes, our weakness and strengths...the experiences, trials and tribulations we have faced as human beings, a race and individuals," he explained.

"Our next aim was for a Black Friday release," he continued. "Coincidentally, the Ferguson tragedy took place and now the non-indictment verdict. Somehow this song was destined to be a part of something more than just dropping a joint."

You can download the song for free via De La Soul's official website. In addition, the group will add new merchandise with proceeds benefiting I Love Ferguson, an organization that helps business owners reopen after the damage caused by the riots in Ferguson. Proceeds will also go to All Star Code, a group that teaches computer programming to people of color.

Listen To De La Soul's 'The People,' Feat. Chuck D

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