Two new movies open in wide release this weekend,  one stars Apes the other stars the “poor man’s Liam Neeson”, Nicolas Cage.


Let’s start with "Dawn of the Planet of the Apes"  rated  PG-13.

The same virus that made apes smart in "Rise of the Planet of the Apes" also killed off a lot of humans.  Ten years later, Jason Clarke and Keri Russell are survivors who want to live in peace with the apes.

But then there’s Gary Oldman who wants to kill all the apes as payback for losing his family to the virus.

On the ape side we have Andy Serkis as Caesar, who's trying to keep the other Smart Apes from killing all the humans.




"Rage" isn't rated! That's weird! Anyway Nicolas Cage plays a reformed mobster whose teenage daughter is kidnapped and murdered, so he reverts to his violent past and rounds up his old crew to get revenge. See what I mean by “poor man’s Liam Neeson”?  Danny Glover play a cop.




What do ya think?  Do the Apes have this one in the bag?  We better be careful.  If they start winning they may get those "Masters of the Universe" fantasies in their heads and then we could be in trouble for real!