Was Samuel L. Jackson out of line for embarrassing a television reporter for addressing him as Laurence Fishburne? The media is running with this and creating a racial divide along the lines of public opinion.I think it is as clear cut as possible and has nothing to do with race at all.  Firstly, the television reporter is also the "Entertainment News Reporter."  If you specialize in entertainment news, then you surely should have known who you were interviewing, and especially someone like Samuel L. Jackson.  You can disagree with his approach to correcting the newsman, and you can say it was nothing but racism.  However, you can't deny the fact that any credible entertainment reporter would know him.

Why would they know Samuel L. Jackson, and what makes him so special? He has appeared in more films than any other actor in the entire film industry, white or black. He is also one of the highest grossing actors in the world  And that deserves maybe just a little respect..